Time Line

Feb 19, 2015

This is me trying to play someone else's game on 6max since I got staked (+35,000 hands)...

Since Feb 15, I got permission to go on make up. As a staked player, to go on make up means (*sometimes) the person staking you has (probably) lost interest and now want to get as much of their money back before they let you go.

I started playing "my way" with all the supposed leaks people claim are losing me money. I have been playing 18 tables on both full ring and 6max tables since Feb 15, or the last 12k hands...

Here is the same chart showing all hands played to-date...

Does this mean that I am going to lose the stake? I'm not sure. If my win rate continues going up and start showing profits then the stake may continue. We'll see how it goes.

Feb 4, 2015

I've decided to shift gears after an 8 buy-in downswing. No more chasing after Supernova Elite. From here on I will learn more about poker math (pot odds, hand equity, implied odds, etc) playing one table (+60min per session x 3-4/day).

January 20, 2015

I sought to be staked at 2p2 the other day. Within 12 hours, I got two offers...

The offer from the two didn't vary much. 50/50 profit sharing, coaching, bankroll to move up stakes. At the end of the day, I accepted the offer from that first screenshot above. Why? Their team plays mostly 6-max tables at pokerstars...knowing that I had another stake offer, they still gave me two one-hour sweat sessions pointing out my leaks and how to plug them. I could have taken the offer from the other party and they still went ahead with the sweat sessions.

January 5, 2015

I quit my job at the call center. Life is short. I'd rather grind 8-hours a day on cash games than work at a job I'm not excited about. Short term, a job will give me cash flow, but won't scale over time. Playing poker, I won't have cash flow short term, but scales well long term. And...I have more time to be with the kids.

With an $80 bankroll, the intention now is to play 3,000+ hands each day to get to SuperNova Elite.

December 21, 2014

I work 9-5 at a call center and I'm not excited about it. I'd rather get a stake and start playing again. I am reinstalling windows dual boot, poker software and tools tonight then bankroll my account with pokerstars. I also got back the old domain name for this site, lowvariancepoker.com.

August 18, 2013

I'm back. I stopped playing poker for about six months. I got a new domain name for this site as well, Lowvariancepoker.us. I have zero hand-history on my computer, so the win-rate charts I'll be posting are going to start from zero hands. Starting bankroll, US$8.00

January 2013

- I started playing online poker again after laying off late 2012. With the $5.xx left in my bankroll, I started playing 2nl zoom poker. As I write this update, my bankroll is now $31 and am playing 4 zoom tables at 5nl.

July 4, 2012

New stake from pocarr.com. I am initially rolled to play 10NL full ring ZOOM tables at pokerstars. I am also given access to the group's resources--coaching, videos, forum, etc. to help improve my game.

**UPDATE - tl;dr, didn't work out.

June 30, 2012

Bankroll now at +$365, taking shots at 5NL.

April 28, 2012

Got me a new hybrid bike, discovered bike touring. Now I am thinking up ways on how to play poker AND do bike tours.

April 19, 2012

New gameplan. Playing with the intent to increase my bankroll is frustrating. There's so much that is beyond my control. From now on, I am playing to earn points (FPPs), and move up VIP levels. Playing this way somehow puts me back in the driver's seat.

... and I will start adding more pictures to this page. It looks kinda drab, doesn't it?

black and white retro bicycle

December 2011

Now that my copywriting business has gone stable, I can play poker again on my free time. I don't think I can attend to this full time Like I did before. Poker time is going to be divided between playing the game and maintaining this blog.

Sept. 2011

I decided to take a break from playing poker. Bills were piling up so I decided to start another business--Copywriting for social media. I made more money in my first week with that business than I did playing microstakes poker for 24-months.

**UPDATE - Looking back, if I kept playing at a win rate of +4bb/100 while moving up stake levels, I would earned more per hour than the copywriting biz (jan2015).

July 2011

My pc broke down. Wanting to learn more about computers, I took this as an opportunity to do so. To make the long story short, I replaced the CPU, motherboard, RAM and PSU. I also upgraded my OS to windows 7, dual booting with Ubuntu 11.04. Grateful for what I have just learned, I now offer free pc diagnosis and repair to the pinoy community in Auckland. So far, I have fixed three desktops since offering my services a week ago.

June 2011

I made a minimum deposit to pokerstars after seeing stability in their business in the light of black Friday developments.

June 29, 2011 - Full tilt poker, the second largest online poker site in the world, just got their gaming license suspended

April 15, 2011

U.S. district attorney for the Southern District of New York seizes the three largest poker sites, including Absolute Poker/UB and indicts two of its principals on charges of bank fraud, illegal gambling offenses and money laundering. I withdrew my funds, stopped playing to see how these developments Will affect my business.

Jan. 31, 2011

I moved my bankroll from full tilt poker to pokerstars exclusively.

Jan. 7, 2011

After sending to backer his share of the profits for the month of December, backer requested that I send back the initial stake amount as well. While it felt odd to me that he was asking, I complied in good faith. After 3 IM's (using skype) and a week later, backer was doing nothing. I decided to forget about getting staked and thankful for the positive synchronicity that just happened.

Nov. 2010

Posting on 2p2/staking, I got staked for the first time on full tilt poker by a player from the US. Weeks later, I backed out of this agreement for personal reasons.

Oct. 2010

I made my first withdrawal from pokerstars, $200. Part of this was used to treat the family to a movie, while the other half was used to purchase a 1TB external hard drive.

Sept. 2010

Playing 2NL to 10NL, my winrate went as high as +5bb/100 over 100k hands. This gave me an idea to start looking for stakes on 2p2.

July 2010

After months of losing money, I found this thread on 2p2 that really turned my game around. From a losing tight passive player, I shifted my game to that of a winning aggressive player. I opened a live money account with pokerstars for $10, choosing to play this account exclusively.

Feb. 2010

I told my wife I wanted to play poker full time as a home-based business.

Feb. 2010

I finished in the money on FTP's new deposit freeroll (+$100).

Jan. 2010

I borrowed $50 from a friend, which I then used to open an account with fulll tilt poker.

Jan. 2010

I opened a play money account on pokerstars.


- learned how to play NLHE poker as my kids started playing "Governor of Poker" on agame.com.