Thursday, March 12, 2015

Not Stake, Get a Loan Instead

It's official--the stake is over. I sent back the stake bankroll the other day.

I couldn't play poker their way. Their method doesn't work for me as you can see in my previous winrate. I don't think it would be fair that I play my way using their money so I thought it would be best to send the money back, and continue with makeup.

It's a long way back up that mountain. I get intimidated just thinking about it. I am unlearning some things and playing with a few ideas.

I have been down this path before. The lesson back then was that I don't need a stake. I am better off with a loan. From experience, it is easier to get a loan and pay that back within the year plus interest. With a stake, when I don't make a profit, I am going to pay it back anyway while my profit is cut in half. With a loan, I still pay it back, but all profit is mine minus the interest I pay (about ten percent).

Beginning balance is $63, my own money. At the moment, I am playing 2NL zoom tables, full ring. To set a baseline, here is my winrate chart starting from the day I sent back the stake.

I'm scheduled to do a run this morning. There's work being done on the field. I might go some time around lunch, see if they'd be finished then. I'm going to play a few sets in the meantime.