Friday, March 20, 2015

Black and Whites

I am about to start another session and had an idea to start taking black and white pictures of my day. I was watching 2 Broke Girls yesterday and the episode was about a photographer. She said something like, "...a good photograph captures the truth."

Something about that statement resonates with me and made the decision to see where that interest leads to. I found an android app that takes black and white pictures...and here I am.

Before bedtime, the wife was asking about the poker business. She asked, "are we on track?"

On track, she meant, are we profitable? I said yes. "Bills are starting to pile up and my pay isn't scaling up. Your business' cash flow will help, the sooner the better."

I had a good run up last week. The following days was an echo of the dry spell that I was going through. Here's my win rate chart for the last two weeks or so...

I injured myself while running the other day. I have been walking with crutches since yesterday. My foot feels better now than it did yesterday. A few more healing sessions while I sleep and it'll be good as new.