Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Seriously Considering Getting a Job

...frustrating. But if I were to put a positive spin to it, at least I'm making VPPs while breaking even. This chart shows my win-rate for the last 18 days, down 0.81bb/100.

Today I dusted off my resume and sent my first job application since I got laid off from work. It's for a help desk position. If I get hired, I am putting poker as a side gig.

It has been a frustrating day for me. My right foot is swollen and I can't even stand up properly. I get around the house crawling on all fours. It has already been a week since I injured myself. The foot is still swollen and I am thinking it's not muscular.

Wife was asking if I need to see a doctor. This got me thinking that maybe I should take it seriously to get work. Getting a job will at least get the wife in a better mood when she's at home. I can grow the poker business on my free time. At least there's less pressure to get that win-rate up.

When I have more cash flow, I can also add funds to my forex trading account. I may have an trading bot that needs funding.