Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Seriously Considering Getting a Job

...frustrating. But if I were to put a positive spin to it, at least I'm making VPPs while breaking even. This chart shows my win-rate for the last 18 days, down 0.81bb/100.

Today I dusted off my resume and sent my first job application since I got laid off from work. It's for a help desk position. If I get hired, I am putting poker as a side gig.

It has been a frustrating day for me. My right foot is swollen and I can't even stand up properly. I get around the house crawling on all fours. It has already been a week since I injured myself. The foot is still swollen and I am thinking it's not muscular.

Wife was asking if I need to see a doctor. This got me thinking that maybe I should take it seriously to get work. Getting a job will at least get the wife in a better mood when she's at home. I can grow the poker business on my free time. At least there's less pressure to get that win-rate up.

When I have more cash flow, I can also add funds to my forex trading account. I may have an trading bot that needs funding.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Black and Whites

I am about to start another session and had an idea to start taking black and white pictures of my day. I was watching 2 Broke Girls yesterday and the episode was about a photographer. She said something like, "...a good photograph captures the truth."

Something about that statement resonates with me and made the decision to see where that interest leads to. I found an android app that takes black and white pictures...and here I am.

Before bedtime, the wife was asking about the poker business. She asked, "are we on track?"

On track, she meant, are we profitable? I said yes. "Bills are starting to pile up and my pay isn't scaling up. Your business' cash flow will help, the sooner the better."

I had a good run up last week. The following days was an echo of the dry spell that I was going through. Here's my win rate chart for the last two weeks or so...

I injured myself while running the other day. I have been walking with crutches since yesterday. My foot feels better now than it did yesterday. A few more healing sessions while I sleep and it'll be good as new.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

2.45bb/100 this week

Winrate for the last 7 days--looks good so far?

What am I doing here that I think works?

You don't know what is going to happen next. Put your money on strong hands. Contribute to improving your meta-game.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

One of them good days?

It sure felt like it. The morning session got off at a good start--big hands getting big pot showdowns and winning almost all.

What's different here? What am I doing differently here?

I don't think I made any changes to how I play. For sure I stopped playing the way I was required by the previous stake, but I have been playing my way for several days now.

Maybe it's because I don't have the burden of trying to make good because of the stake. I felt more at ease since I sent back the stake money. Yesterday felt easy even though I wasn't winning big pots, I wasn't losing them either--small hand, small pot.

I am taking a break now. Wife is working over time tonight. I am going to pick her up later so I have two or three sets to play later.

Not Stake, Get a Loan Instead

It's official--the stake is over. I sent back the stake bankroll the other day.

I couldn't play poker their way. Their method doesn't work for me as you can see in my previous winrate. I don't think it would be fair that I play my way using their money so I thought it would be best to send the money back, and continue with makeup.

It's a long way back up that mountain. I get intimidated just thinking about it. I am unlearning some things and playing with a few ideas.

I have been down this path before. The lesson back then was that I don't need a stake. I am better off with a loan. From experience, it is easier to get a loan and pay that back within the year plus interest. With a stake, when I don't make a profit, I am going to pay it back anyway while my profit is cut in half. With a loan, I still pay it back, but all profit is mine minus the interest I pay (about ten percent).

Beginning balance is $63, my own money. At the moment, I am playing 2NL zoom tables, full ring. To set a baseline, here is my winrate chart starting from the day I sent back the stake.

I'm scheduled to do a run this morning. There's work being done on the field. I might go some time around lunch, see if they'd be finished then. I'm going to play a few sets in the meantime.

Monday, March 2, 2015

PnL Ending Feb 2015

Ending balance to-date is $132.10. The bankroll is down 32.95%. Here is how my game looks like since the start of 2015...

Last night I emailed my stake manager that I am on makeup.

What did I get from this experience?

You don't know what is going to happen next. I don't think the method of play recommended by the stake team works for me. There were a few things I picked up that helped improve my game--cutting down on cbets, putting the other player on a range of hands.

What is going to happen now?

Life goes on. I am full time on this and wife expects that the cash flow from this business is up and running by the end of the year. I'll grind up the bankroll and if the stake manager still wants me on their team, well and good. If not, there's more than one way up the mountain.