Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday and about to shift?

282k players--that's the most I've seen on pokerstars so far. This happened a few weeks back and did not get around to posting these here.

I am running poor in 6-max tables. My win-rate is about -6bb/100. That is not good...rather, it is a steep tuition to pay learning to improve my game. My stake is down about 40 percent. How do i turn this around? I don't know.

What concerns me is that the chat history that I have on skype with them is gone and I haven't received any messages from them for the last three updates that I made. Either they are also on a break, or a shift is happening here. Maybe they decided to cut their losses? We'll see what happens this week. Maybe it's just that they are taking a break from playing.

I switched back to pokertracker 4. I like their interface better. I am able to sort the hands by the size of the pot, something I could not figure out how to do on holdem manager 2. In between sessions, I go over the biggest pots, and take notes on the player and the motivation behind their actions. This is an important exercise for me to improving my game. I do this at least once a day. The intention is to do that after a session, or when tired, I do them in between sessions. Here's a screenshot...

So far, I've made notes on a few players, and even made color coding on the hud fur future reference. I'll be playing another session when I finish these. The kids are now in bed. They have school tomorrow. The fix-it person is coming at 9:30am to replace the broken window. I may have to get up early and get bread for everyone's take away lunch.