Monday, February 16, 2015

Stake Bankroll Playing FR 2NL

First session playing 2NL FR NLHE. It's a "feeler" session for me. I haven't been here for about three weeks as my stake had me playing 6max tables. I played five tables this time. Next session I am going to add 4 zoom tables to the mix. The intention is to play 12 regular tables and 4 zoom tables to get the most FPPs.

I am not really gunning for SNE. I am getting this bankroll back to breakeven. I get there sooner with the help from cash bonuses from FPP. Target is about 4bb/100 over a decent sample. Here is a screenshot of my bankroll at this time...

I am about to take a break. Wife is at work and will be home late. I'll be up waiting as I play more after my break.


892 hands played total today, win rate is above breakeven. I had a few flush draws that did not work out and put money in the pot. I had one big showdown where I won the other player's stack. It felt like there were two drunks in the zoom table pool. I'd see 4bets and all in pots prefolp. I'm going through pokertracker 4 now and go over my hand history for the day.