Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Shifting Gears

F*ck that quest for Supernova Elite. From now on, I'll play one table and pay more attention to improving my game.

My game since Friday has been terrible. I've lost eight buy-ins since. I made poor decisions specially with big pot situations. In the past, when I sober up and play less tables, my results get better.

Instead of going for SNE, my goal now is to earn one buy-in each day (on average). I'll have equilab up and running as I play and learn more about +EV plays. I will also make it a point to keep notes on the players on the tables.

Here's the math, correct me if I'm wrong here...

Play one hour (minimum) sessions, four to six times a day, six days a week. If on average I win one buy in, at the end of the month, my bankroll would have grown by 24 buy-ins for that stake level. I will then have about ten buy ins for the next stake level. I then repeat the whole process at that level and the next until I reach my sticking point.

I was making $120 a week working as a call center agent. To make that much playing poker full time, I should be playing 100NL or higher. I am currently staked to play 5NL. I do this for the next three to months and I'll be at 100NL, hopefully sooner.

The question now is, can I do this?

Here is a screenshot from 2012 when my game was running good...

I was making 12bb/100 playing up to 2012. I have experience playing at that skill level. Maybe it's because I am expecting to play the same way after a 2-year break. From what I can recall and going over my notes here, I was doing a lot of hand history reviews. I was reading books and watching videos on poker.

The reason I stopped playing was because I started that quest to reach SNE. That chart doesn't show that part when my win-rate started to suffer. I was playing so many hands that I wasn't playing my a-game anymore. I burned out shortly after that and quit poker altogether. When I started playing again this year, my goal was to get SNE. And now I am back where I left off.


...and this is why i keep this journal.