Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Remove 6max, More Full Ring

From that high after 13,897 hands, I decided to add 6max tables into my mix. From then on to the most recent low on that same chart, I was playing 6max + Full Ring tables.

As I mentioned in earlier updates, I still have plenty to learn playing 6max. After that recent low which was last night, I decided to stop playing 6max tables, concentrate more on full ring tables.

Here are my stats based on the above chart...

At this time, I am not sure if my win rate going down is due to me playing poorly at 6max. There's not enough sample to prove that. What I do know is that I get more variance playing short handed, which affects how I play.

I will test this out by playing FR exclusively in the coming days and see if I can bring that winrate back up again.

End of day update.

Things went sideways the rest of the day--that's good, I think. At least it's not going down. I haven't really changed anything in my game. It does get slow as there are more players to play their turn, and I can deal with that.

Here's my chart...