Monday, February 16, 2015

IMO: AKo Play

I found this in one of the poker forums that I frequent...

I would have played this hand differently. AK is a problem hand for me and seldom play them postflop unimproved.

First, hero. Your cbet pot size was ok and expected when you are representing strength. Since you did not really have anything, you could have made your second barrel bet smaller 1/3 pot or half pot to see if villain will reraise or not. If villain reraises you on the turn, then you can give up right there and save your money for future draws. If villain calls, it's probably a pair or a draw. River, check-fold.

I sometimes slow play pocket aces myself. On the turn and unimproved with my opponent betting 3/4 pot, I will either reraise if you are a LAG. If you have been playing tight, I'll fold.