Friday, January 2, 2015

Results at 2500+ Hands Playing Full Ring Hands No Limit Hold'em

I switched to holdemmanager2 after I learned that pokertracker is now merged with them. No wonder pt4 was buggy.

It's still my day off. I have been playing two hours on average each day. I think I'd be able to keep up this schedule in the coming weeks. The intention is to make $500 per week playing poker full time. I still have to figure out what stakes level to play, how much bankroll is needed and how soon I can get there.

I tried tableninja2 earlier today but did not like it. For one, I had to use Aero theme in windows--doing so slowed down my pc big time. I have a dual core with 4mb RAM. Maybe when I get a pc upgrade I'll get one. In the meantime, the pokerstars hotkeys will do just fine.

I can't figure out why autohotkey is buggy with pokerstars. Some of the functions only work now and then. I tried changing table themes and it still won't work. The ahk script will work on different windows applications, but gets buggy with pokerstars. I am going to let it go for now. It'll come to me later.