Sunday, January 4, 2015

Finding Leaks (-6bb/100)

My win-rate has been sideways with a downward bias. I go into holdemmanager2 to find leaks and this is what I found...

I am not playing optimally in the middle and cut-off position. Zooming into the MP position, I paid more tuition for TPTK going into showdown and draw hands hoping to get lucky at the river.

It's pretty much the same at CO...TPTKs with a big ego and draws that pay expensive cards...

Now, what am I going to do about this?

Small hand, small pot. Big hand, big pot. The only times I will go to showdown with a big pot is when I have a set or better. Anything less than that, I fold on aggression.

10.37pm - End of day update.

I think it worked, somewhat. At least the bears are docile now...

Now, what did I do differently?

I stopped playing TPTK on showdowns. It seems lame folding aces, but when I do that often, I pay tuition--and I tend to tilt more often. I would rather lose set vs set, at least I had a big hand to go with that pot.

On a personal level...

My kids told me that they saw their mom shed a tear at church today. No wonder she seemed distant the rest of the day. I think she's worried about our finances. She don't get it still. On boxing day, she bought a bigger flat screen tv. I warned her that my job was not yet secure. She did not listen.

As much as I am helping her, she has to learn her own lessons. You can never teach anything to anyone anyway. But that's just my contrast. It's not this or that... This IS that. It's all connected. I am curious as to how this path will unfold.