Sunday, January 18, 2015

Almost Breakeven Now

* NOTE: I write this for my future self, in case I have issues with tilt or go through another dry spell.

My win-rate is almost back at breakeven. A week ago, I was reeling from that tilt. What did I do different these past few days?

I used holdem manager to look up players I often find on the tables and see what their actions mean. I also spent half an hour or so playing one table observing player actions looking up their stats if I had to.

The only thing that changed from the method that I've been using is that I steal blinds more often, and 3bet in position.

Early in the sessions, I invest in my meta-game. I play a lot of hands making it look like I am a loose player. I don't spew though. This way, when heads up with the nuts I can get aggressive on the turn and river, as unsuspecting players will think I've lost control and call me down with top pair.

How to get a grip on tilt

Expect variance. Sometimes you get lucky, most of the time, someone else will get lucky. Play more tables. The most number of tables that I played this week was 20 tables earlier today. On average, I played more than ten tables each session.

Also, never showdown TPTK. This is full ring cash games. If it's a big pot, someone else is going to showdown a hand better than TPTK. I'll go all-in preflop with AA, but postflop and someone is betting against my AA, I fold.