Tuesday, January 13, 2015

After That Spew

Disappointing, isn't it?

After all that effort, it took one session of tilt to lose all that progress. At least I learned something in the process. I am scaling down tables to accommodate my bankroll.

I have been playing zoom tables those last two sessions. I thought I was making progress there but it turns out I wasn't. I'm going back to regular tables, 2NL full ring. I am going to tighten up a bit.

If I am doing this full-time, I can't have sessions like that. Variance is ok and expected, but tilt is not. What can I do about it? I turned off the bb stat in hero. This way, I won't look into results and expectations until I finish a session. Not meeting my expectations and turnout affects my mojo.

Variance? Adjust play. Shit happens. No need to fight that. At least I am aware of it now.