Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Adapting Play at 6-Max: Day One

It was unfamiliar situation for me playing at 6max. I tried out the team's HUD and wasn't getting answers when I need them. I had to end the session to tweak that HUD to suit my needs.

And then I was gung-ho with Top Pair. This was foreign to me. The only times I showdown Top Pair was when I am on tilt. As a workaround, I had to look up the best way to control the pot when playing Top Pair.

I've always thought you had to be aggro to make it good at 6max. My perception here was dead wrong. Winning poker is about making good decisions. I had to make changes in my game to reflect that idea.

What's good about today is that the uptrend on the chart still holds. Now it's going sideways and I am ok with that. At least I am making FPPs with every hand I play. I am comfortable playing 12 tables today. I'll add two more on my next session and see how that feels.

One more thing...I observed that on a typical day, I get one or two big hand, big pot situations per session (I do at least three sessions per day). Good days are when I have three or four. When I play only good hands, I have a better chance of winnig those big pots. That means the intention is to stay afloat while waiting for the planets to line up--steal pots, invest in my meta-game and learn. Watch out for top pair going to big pot showdowns. That's a big no-no.