Sunday, January 4, 2015

5NL 2 pair on flush board, facing 3bet on river?

If I were villain, my response will depend on what your showdown stats are. If you have been winning most of your showdown hands, here's how I'd play this hand against you...

Flop. You must have made your set to donk on the flop like that. If I only had TPTK or two pairs, I'd probably fold. However, if I had a flush draw, I'd call. If I too had a set, I will reraise 2/3 pot until we're both all in.

Turn. I see that you bet again. You still have top set, or you made your flush draw. The question for me is, what's your high card? I'll call. I can reraise you all in here if I I have the nuts.

River--What's stopping you? If you had a set or better, you should be all in by now. If I had a low set or made my flush earlier, we'd both be all in by now.