Sunday, January 11, 2015

24-Hour Self-Imposed Break (Plus New Resolution)

Tuition day...went on tilt. I put myself on a 24-hour break from pokerstars a moment ago. I'm going to do this every time I have a losing day from now on.

This is the most number of players online that I've seen

It's good that I locked myself out from pokerstars. I am using this downtime to go over this site and see if I have changed my game or it's just variance. After reading this post, I think it's only variance--and that I am choosing to get upset/tilt over it.

Compared to how I played then, I now have tightened up my open range. I stopped playing loose on ep, and widened up play on later streets. I am comfortable 3betting when in position than I was back in 2012. Overall, my game is still solid, I think. It's just that I'm going through a dry spell.

I won't be playing until after lunch tomorrow. Here's what's different this time:
  • After a negative bb day, I take a 24-hour break.
  • Play using the 2015 version of my a-game--less ep, more down street.
  • Everything here and now. Imagine how a winning cash games player would play--be that person.
  • Take a day off after three days of play.

One more thing...I am going through an adjustment period here. I had a job and steady cash flow for about two months. Now that I am a self-employed poker player again, I am emotionally adjusting to the lack of cash flow. My wife does not say anything about it, but I can feel the "heavy undercurrent" when the kids bring up the topic of buying.

I am 47 years old. Rather than go out there and find minimum wage work, I would rather use that time to get my stats up over a decent sample, then get my cash games staked. Short term the cash flow is going to hurt, but I am going to enjoy this "line of work". Long term is bright and sunny down this path as well. I am building up my playing skills as I build up my bankroll--I am building value in what I do. Taking on minimum wage work, I am not building value in my self.

I'll keep this in mind and start feeling good about it.