Thursday, January 22, 2015

10 Tables 2NL & 5NL

Win-rate is going sideways. Putting a positive spin on it, that's good considering I am not a 6-max reg.

How am I playing well? If you look at my W$SD, you'll find big hands with big pots. You won't find TPTK in all-in spots unless it's AA. I am making an effort to keep my flop cbets low. This was a leak pointed out to me--keep flop cbets low and I the turn and river cbets will improve as well.

For a moment, I was making 3bets from the SB position, mostly against players with steal numbers on the red. There were two particular players that was giving me problems. I could look them up on holdem manager but the stats are less than a hundred samples. Either they are running hot, or I was getting nothing on the flop.

I played ten tables today, mixed 2NL and 5NL.