Wednesday, December 31, 2014

100 to Bankroll

I added funds to my bankroll last night, US$100, but converted to NZ$75-ish. I'll add another hundred next payday.

I did not get to play last night and the night before. I was able to set up my pt4 hud the other night. Last night, I tweaked the autohotkey script with the pokerstars hotkeys. I am using joy2key. The close tables function is not working. I am going to work on that tonight. Soon as I get that up and running, I can start doing four table play.

I am looking into the possibility of playing live at the Auckland Sky Tower casino. I remember seeing a poker room in there a year ago. They probably have them still, I'll go take a look on my day off tomorrow or friday. I read on the internet that it's pretty soft at the lower stakes. I'm not sure I'm ready to play now.

In case I don't make it past the temp period at work, at least I have a fallback--play poker, trade fx, and internet marketing. It don't take much to fund these businesses. What's great about them is that these can run by itself with good marketing.

Fun times coming up in 2015.