Sunday, August 18, 2013

Back Again

The last post I made to this site was in January, 2013. Back then, I felt like I will never play poker again--but I'm back.

It first started as an idea in the head that I haven't played poker in a long time. A few weeks ago, I got an email from a friend asking if I still played poker, and was asking for that poker guide that I wrote. To make the long story short, I played my first session last night.

I started around 9pm and finished after midnight. The first hour was spent configuring pokertracker4 and the pokerstars client, as well as my autohotkey script. It's a good thing that I left good documentation with the ahk script, otherwise it would have taken longer to get things up and running. I'll be making backups in the coming days, and regularly update them. This way, when I quit playing and decide to come back again, I will simply copy-paste the config files.

What's different this time?

This feels like getting back together with an ex-girlfriend. It feels like a fresh page to write on, but there's hundreds of pages of history that went before it.

I changed the URL. It used to be It's now The dotcom, I chose not to renew the domain name thinking I wasn't going to play poker anymore. Now that I'm back, the dot-us domain was the cheapest I can get. Namecheap has an ongoing promo where you can get it for less than a dollar. Compared to the dotcom selling for ten dollars, the dot-us is a bargain, isn't it? Besides, it's the content that people are after, not the domain name--but that's just my opinion.

I feel like I still play the same way. I am reading the poker guide that I wrote. This helps in setting up my poker tracker. I am setting up the config to help me with player stats.

I am playing less tables now. When I first checked back in on my pokerstars client last night, the bankroll in there was $8. That means I can only play one table at a time. I can play zoom tables--maybe later. At this time, I am checking my tools if they are working correctly. The autohotkey script has to click on the right buttons, specially the all-in button. I don't want to see problems with that when I am playing a big pot.

Why I quit, and what made me come back

If you are reading this far, you are probably familiar with dry spells. It's that long stretch of time when you are not getting anything good. I was barely breaking even for weeks back then. I have been playing four to six hours of poker. Someone offered me a writing assignment that paid big bucks per hour and I chose that.

It's like living with a partner for a long time. I suddenly found myself wanting time away from her. And in those quiet moments when I'm doing my own thing, I realize that I missed her and want to be with her again.

I left my wife for someone else several years ago. We are back together again. It's not a perfect relationship. We don't see eye to eye now and then, but I feel like I can grow old with her. She feels like an old shoe.