Sunday, January 27, 2013

back on the saddle

I made some major changes to this blog.

First, I dropped the domain name, I don't need it. From an SEO standpoint, I think that content matters more.

As you know, I am teaching myself how to code. Whenever I get stumped with coding problems, I turn to google. In my experience, it doesn't really matter whether your site has a custom domain or not. People tend to trust you more if the content is up to date and relevant.

But that's just my opinion. I could be wrong. That's the reason why I dropped the custom domain. I want to find out for myself if the custom domain really helps with SEO or not.

Of course, I expect traffic to drop off for some time. That's fine with me. I am still going to write content for this site and those are going to get indexed soon enough.

I have also been busy with forex trading. It's a business I can run while playing poker. In fact, I can come up with a bot that can automatically make trades given the right circumstances.

This way, I have the charts up and running in the background while I play poker. I can even leave the charts running even as I sleep, or go out. The trading bot can execute the trades by itself, or it can send an alert via phone or email when an ideal setup is at hand.

It isn't profitable at the moment. I lost two bankrolls--$10 each while I was working on the bot. It's good that I can bankroll my trading with such a small amount. Back when I was getting started with forex trading, the minimum back then was $300. That was in 2005. Things have changed a lot since then.

I stopped playing poker for several months.

The last time I played, if I remember correctly, was September 2012. I've been busy with programming then. Sometime around December 2012, I got interested in forex trading. Within a week, I had a funded account and was trading. A lot of times, you just watch the market, and nothing is happening. That's what got me to play poker again.

I'll update this post later with my win-rate chart in a few hours. I'm writing this inside linux. I'll have to log out of this, log in to windows 7, then fire up pokertracker 4 to get the chart.

Shameless brag...From $5.xx to $31 in about two weeks of play.

I started playing poker about a week ago. My bankroll then was $5.xx. I started playing rush micro tables. At first, I was playing one table. My bankroll started growing that allowed me to play 4 rush micro tables at 2NL.

Last night, I was playing 4 5NL rush tables. I won two big pots and now my bankroll is at $31.

Not bad, isn't it?