Thursday, October 18, 2012

Back from vacation with a new gameplan

About three months ago, I got sick of playing poker. I withdrew my bankroll, which was about $400 and went back to programming.

I then immersed myself in the world of web development--html5, css3 and javascript. I had a great time, but missed the excitement of going all-in with a fish and winning.

Last night, I found myself playing heads up in the play money tables. Although I was fumbling around with my autohotkeys gamepad control, I had a great time. My wife came in the room, saw me playing and asked, "I thought you didn't want to play anymore?"

This morning, I took out my credit card and bankrolled my account with $10.

Here is my gameplan this time:
  • Play maximum number of ZOOM tables (4 at the moment), bankrolled for 5 buy ins
  • $10 start at 2nl zoom tables. Playing four tables with 100bb buy in each, with an extra buy in for variance.
  • Soon as I double my bankroll for that stake level, I move up to the next
  • If my bankroll dips below 5BI for that stake level, move back down to previous stake level

This is my pokertracker chart since the start of 2012...