Wednesday, August 8, 2012


After that big spike up over the weekend, things are back to grinding--invest in meta-game, earn points, practice patience.

The last two sessions that I played, I didn't do any big showdowns. Wait a minute. If I remember my hand history review last night, I did get two big pots earlier in the day. It wasn't so bad after all.

It has been raining these last few days... bummer. I am cooped up in the house, too lazy to ride my bike to the gym when it's raining. I'd rather stay home and do yoga. I might do a one hour brisk walk in the part later in the afternoon.

I have been busy learning computer science. The stuff that I'm learning now is web development using ruby, and creating applications with C++. These, plus poker, keeps me up until midnight.

There's some friction between me and my wife at the moment. It's like an undercurrent. You can't see it from the surface, but when you dive in to the water, you get sucked in. Issues are not being addressed properly, making resolution next to impossible.

Part of life, I guess....