Saturday, August 4, 2012

Experiment update

What you put out is what you get back

Remember that experiment I am making on "How To Improve Your Luck"?

I have been making changes in my life that will help (I think) to improve my definition of my Self (and how I value my Self). I have been getting rid of the things that cause stress. I go out more often, I exercise in the sun, eat healthy and all that.

One other thing that I am doing now is listen to Brainwave Entrainment tones while playing poker. This helps me to relax and take it easy while playing.

I am not exactly sure how brainwave entrainment works, but I'll try explain it here. Imagine you have two tuning forks. If both were in close proximity to each other and you were to strike one, the other will start vibrating as well.

According to brainwave entrainment research, the brain behaves in the same way.

By introducing certain frequencies by listening to them with my earphones while playing, the brain will adapt to these frequencies, giving me that effect that the stimulating frequency was for.

Listening to these binaural tones, I find that I tend to think clearly and react less in a negative way.

Maybe the recent breakout on my win-rate chart was because of variance--getting lucky with the hands I play.

If so, then I guess my initial efforts on this experiment is giving me positive results. It is too early for me to make a conclusion whether this works or not... but so far, I like what I am seeing.