Monday, July 30, 2012

Tough weekend

pokertracker4 pokerstars win rate chart
Win-rate for July 2012. Click on the image to enlarge

This win-rate chart reached all time high some time around friday, then I gave back most of the profit going into the weekend.

I ended the stake Saturday morning (NZ time), if I remember correctly. After that, I was unlearning some of the habits I picked up that were not working for me.

One thing that I noticed playing with a poker tracking software and watching my win-rate is this--if the chart is not constantly breaking all time highs, you are not making that much money.

When my win-rate is going sideways, I am not making money. The chart above shows my win-rate as well above breakeven. But if you can see my beginning balance for the month, and compare that with my end of month balance, it is barely breaking even. My bankroll would be in the black if I can unlock the VIP bonus.

I can just imagine the hemorrhage that other players go through whose win-rate charts are choppy and pointing south.

Profitability also has something to do with the rake at micro-stakes. I can't remember the exact figure that we pay playing micros--but it's somewhere around and above 5bb/100.

The sooner we get out of the micros, the better, don't you agree?

And to do that, here's my game plan... I don't think that winning poker is about making wild bluffs to make villain fold. It's more about pot control, while investing in your meta-game.

...and more importantly, keeping your cool when fish gets lucky with a suck out on a big pot showdown.

In the meantime...

I have been playing more than my usual number of hands this weekend. It has been raining... wife and kids were cooped up in the house. There was not much to do, but play poker, goof around and eat junk food.

The sun is out today--what a relief!

The forecast for the next three days is rain. I guess--and hope that they are wrong this time. I have laundry to hang, dishes to wash, then I'm out riding my bike to the gym.

I will resume the grind after lunch.