Wednesday, July 4, 2012

NEW - Staking poker staking

I accepted a staking agreement from

The backer transferred funds a while ago, and has given me access to resources--videos, coaching, etc. that can help improve my game. Initially, I am rolled to play 10NL full ring ZOOM tables at pokerstars. The agreement is good for 250,000 hands.

The last time I had a backer was more than a year ago. I had two backers, which were several months apart... but I chose to back out from both after some time. Back then, I felt like I wasn't ready for it.

After months of playing on my own and seeing my bankroll grow, I had the insight that I should start expanding my comfort zone. This is how I have been doing since the start of 2012--

win rate chart pokertracker4

I wanted to play differently. The path of least resistance that I found was getting staked. It's like laying down the foundation for a new house. I now have access to resources that can help me get better.

I could have used my credit card to add more to my bankroll, but it's going to be just me. By accepting the stake from, I am part of a team. It's a new experience that I am looking forward to, compared to grinding it out on my own.

Stay tuned!