Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stake update... and Synchronicity

13 days after getting staked...

My bankroll is hovers 25% below from when I started. Again, when the bankroll is below $80, I play 2NL zoom tables. If it goes above that, I move up to 5NL. Only when the bankroll is above $100 that I play again at 10NL.

When I find myself in this situation, I play tighter than usual--small hand, small pot.

To-date, I have played 10,864 hands. I did not get to play as much last week as we were busy moving house. It seems to my that, on average, I have been moving to live in a different location every three years.

Because of this, I don't accumulate as much stuff. When I am packing and unpacking and I find something that I haven't used in the last 12 months, I throw it out.

This last move has been full of Synchronicity for me.

I was resisting the idea that I had to clean up both the new house, and the previous one we lived in. All of a sudden, the previous landlord decided that he was not going to give us back our deposit (they call it "bond" here). I did not want this happening as it would upset my partner. She was hoping to use that money as deposit for the new house we moved into.

But something happened that turned things around.

I had an insight to ask for help. All this time, my daughter has a friend who always came over to our house. Right after we moved, I notified that child's mother that we have moved, and in case her daughter might come and visit, gave them our new address.

The mother replied offering to help us move. I replied that we were almost finished anyway, and thanked her for it. She replied back that if we needed help, that I text her.

When the previous landlord denied us our bond back, I knew I needed help. The insight that came to me was, "ask her if she can help."

And I did.

To make the long story short, the mother lent us money.

It's Synchronicity for me because... this person doesn't know me that well, and yet she lent me her money. I think she trusted me and my partner because we took care of her child without asking for anything in return.

In a way, what would have been a problem situation turned into something good.

Cleaning the other house, which I resented, was abruptly stopped, and yet we were able to make the deposit for the new house.