Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Improving my mental game

pokertracker4 all hands chart

I woke up at 5am, couldn't get back to sleep. I met someone last night who was making a living playing poker online.

According to this person, it really is a full time job. You are always learning... always watching yourself and table dynamics as you play. Comparing notes with that person, I "almost" have the qualities to make it work. The only thing that's missing is my mental game.

I made the decision last night to commit to playing again, and this time focus on the mental side of the game.

Since I couldn't go to sleep, I decided to get up, fired up pokertracker4 and played around with the different reports and stats. I am going to start doing a hand history review everyday, check in on the different online poker communities--basically to continue my poker education.

After two years of play, I am still in the microstakes. This has been a source of frustration for me and the reason why I am unsure about my future with this business. After meeting someone who is living the life that I want to live, the path that I need to take is much clearer now.

I purged hands from my database, December 2011. I am going to purge a month's worth of hands at the end of each month from now on. This way, the stats that I have on the natives are always updated. I will then post my chart with the updated database, in case I will need this for future reference.