Saturday, June 30, 2012

End of day hand review and analysis

Here's a habit that is helping me to improve my game.

pokertracker4 hand history analysis
pokertracker4 hand review and analysis

At the end of the day, I fire up pokertracker4 and go through the biggest pots of the day.

I run the hand replayer and see how each player acted, while comparing their actions with the stats on my HUD.

When a player acts differently from what I see on their HUD, I make a note of it. This way, if the situation comes up in the future, I will have an idea as to how I can respond.

This activity doesn't take more than an hour. I usually go through at least five of the biggest pots, sometimes more than that. I also filter according to player action--3bet lite, donk bets, check raises, etc.

Over time, these things add up in my head. The next time I see a similar action happening on the table, regardless of who is playing, I get an idea of what villain wants to happen.

online poker moving up stake levels
Moving up stake levels

I also realized something a while ago. I could have gone up and play on higher stake levels, but I chose to play more tables instead. Lately, I have increased the number of tables that I play to 28 tables.

With the bankroll that I have, I can choose to play 10 tables or less so I can move up stakes.

I'm not sure why, but I'd rather make sure that my method works over a big sample before moving up. I'm not good at math, but if I remember correctly, the bigger the sample size, the lesser the effect variance has on my results.

At this time, my bankroll is sufficient enough to let me start taking shots at 5NL.