Saturday, June 30, 2012

End of day hand review and analysis

Here's a habit that is helping me to improve my game.

pokertracker4 hand history analysis
pokertracker4 hand review and analysis

At the end of the day, I fire up pokertracker4 and go through the biggest pots of the day.

I run the hand replayer and see how each player acted, while comparing their actions with the stats on my HUD.

When a player acts differently from what I see on their HUD, I make a note of it. This way, if the situation comes up in the future, I will have an idea as to how I can respond.

This activity doesn't take more than an hour. I usually go through at least five of the biggest pots, sometimes more than that. I also filter according to player action--3bet lite, donk bets, check raises, etc.

Over time, these things add up in my head. The next time I see a similar action happening on the table, regardless of who is playing, I get an idea of what villain wants to happen.

online poker moving up stake levels
Moving up stake levels

I also realized something a while ago. I could have gone up and play on higher stake levels, but I chose to play more tables instead. Lately, I have increased the number of tables that I play to 28 tables.

With the bankroll that I have, I can choose to play 10 tables or less so I can move up stakes.

I'm not sure why, but I'd rather make sure that my method works over a big sample before moving up. I'm not good at math, but if I remember correctly, the bigger the sample size, the lesser the effect variance has on my results.

At this time, my bankroll is sufficient enough to let me start taking shots at 5NL.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

PnL June 2012

pokerstars cashier pokertracker4

Total hands played: 51,466
Ending balance: $374.15
Beginning balance: $324.05
Profit for June 2012: +15.46%

pokertracker4 win rate month
Win rate for June 2012

pokertracker4 winrate all hands
Win-rate all-hands, 2012

Friday, June 22, 2012

Coomentluv, plus changes made to HUD

bicycle alps

I am sure I had commentluv installed on this blog, but I can't find that widget at the bottom of the post.

I recently approved a few comments off the intensedebate dashboard, but the comment isn't showing. I'm not exactly sure what is happening, but the recent change that I made is installing ghostery to my firefox browser. This is probably blocking commentluv, but I am not sure.

In the meantime, I made changes to my HUD and have been getting positive results in my game lately.

pokertracker4 pokerstars win rate chart

I added stats that show me details about a player's aggressive actions for each street. This works for me that, when a player behaves differently from the stats that I have on them, I need to pay attention and get off auto-pilot.

I have enough on my bankroll now that I can start taking shots at 5NL. I will start mixing in 5NL tables on my easy-seat config on my next session. Soon as my bankroll hits $375, I will play 5NL exclusively.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Improving my mental game

pokertracker4 all hands chart

I woke up at 5am, couldn't get back to sleep. I met someone last night who was making a living playing poker online.

According to this person, it really is a full time job. You are always learning... always watching yourself and table dynamics as you play. Comparing notes with that person, I "almost" have the qualities to make it work. The only thing that's missing is my mental game.

I made the decision last night to commit to playing again, and this time focus on the mental side of the game.

Since I couldn't go to sleep, I decided to get up, fired up pokertracker4 and played around with the different reports and stats. I am going to start doing a hand history review everyday, check in on the different online poker communities--basically to continue my poker education.

After two years of play, I am still in the microstakes. This has been a source of frustration for me and the reason why I am unsure about my future with this business. After meeting someone who is living the life that I want to live, the path that I need to take is much clearer now.

I purged hands from my database, December 2011. I am going to purge a month's worth of hands at the end of each month from now on. This way, the stats that I have on the natives are always updated. I will then post my chart with the updated database, in case I will need this for future reference.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bicycle touring idea

surfer girl

I woke up this morning with an insight that I can do my bike tour and finance my travels by playing poker—both online and in casinos.

I think it is possible. Some bike tourists claim that they can live on less than 10 euros per day. Let's just say that's ten dollars, to make things easy for computation and conversion. Ten dollars is 10% of a $100 bankroll.

In my experience, it is possible to make a ten percent profit playing poker online. The strategy is to play smart loose aggressive. This means, if villain shows strength, you fold. In the process, you are investing in your meta game, and at the same time, stealing pots along the way.

Since I am playing more hands, I earn more points as well. This can help me reach the required number of points to avail of the VIP bonus, and at the same time, win stuff from the VIP store.

audrey hepburn

But a one hundred dollar bankroll is not enough. I will need at least a thousand dollars as bankroll to be able to live off my profits and tour the world on my bike.

One other factor to consider is that I will need to travel to mostly OECD countries, and as much as possible, stay in places where I will have internet access. At the end of the day's ride, I can hook up my laptop to the internet and play poker.

If I do decide to travel to a place where internet connection is a challenge, then I will do so only when I have made enough profits that I can afford not to play poker while I am travelling through that place.

As an alternative, I can play poker in casinos. The rake and buy in and bankroll requirements are going to be higher when I play in a casino. I think I can afford to do so because I need to change things up a bit in my travels, and hopefully, get laid in the process.

bicycle touring bed and breakfast

With this travel itinerary, I don't have to travel hundreds of kilometers each and every day. I can choose to stay in one place that is ideal for playing poker, and build up my cash balance. This can be as much as living 30 days in such a place.

I think this is good. There is no other way to immerse myself in that energy. I can play poker four to six hours each day, and on my free time, I can ride around and experience that place. I think that is a great plan there.

Now, the issue that I have is family. How am I going to travel the world with a wife and four kids. That will greatly amp up my expenses.

This issue is in the oven, but I don't have to deal with it right now. That is why I do not have the answer to it. As bashar says, you will know what you need to know, when you need to know it. Right now, I don't know how to deal with that. I am going to leave it at that.

bicycle touring

I have an idea that, when the timing is right, i'd probably have a bigger bankroll to be able to bring the family with me on my adventures. Not all of them are probably going to enjoy riding the bicycle for a long period of time. I'm not even sure they want to make a drastic change in their lifestyle.

At the moment, my family understands that I enjoy exploring my environment on bike. They know that come weekend, I am out there riding my bike.

If and when the opporunity presents itself and I have the ability to bring them with me, then I will take it. Right now, it's not here, so I will leave it at that.

Will I enjoy that lifestyle?

Definitely, I will. As you know, I play poker as a business. I also enjoy travelling on my bike. Put them together, and I have the ideal lifestyle for myself.

I am raising my bankroll by playing thousands of hands of poker each day. At the moment, I ride nearby. Although I have a tent, I am not able to do overnight rides because Auckland is in winter. It's too freakin' cold for me to sleep in the tent. Soon as it starts to warm up around here, you will find me doing overnight rides more often.

I guess this is the universe telling me—“build up both your bankroll and your health for now. Soon as spring comes, you are going to have a grand time.”

...and here's how I'm doing so far. +10BB/100 over 294,000 hands in 2012.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

PnL May 2012

Win-rate for May 2012

That big slide downward from the month's all time high wasn't tilt--I started playing 24 tables, plus 4 ZOOM tables at the same time.

Tuition paid, lesson learned... moving on.

pokerstars bankroll
Total hands played: 25,608
PnL: -6.32%

Win-rate for 2012