Thursday, May 17, 2012

What keeps me busy these days

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I have been playing poker these last few days, but not as much as intended.

I probably mentioned this in a previous update--I now have a hybrid/touring bike and am up to my neck doing research for the trip to Wellington on December.

It's going to be a 720km road trip. I might have to leave several days ahead of the wife and kids since they are taking the car. We'll meet up in Wellington, then get a ride with them in the van on the trip back.

At the moment, I am looking into buying a 2 person tent. So far, coleman tents stand out from the other brands. I am also looking for a good pannier and front rack.

While checking out different bike touring websites, I found a local bike club that holds weekend tours all over Auckland. There is a $20 annual fee to join the club. Looking at their website, the members are mostly middle-aged.

I sent in my application, and soon as I get my fitness up to a decent level, I will start joining their group rides. They have a tour coming up in several weeks. I'm interested in joining that, but I am not sure if I am going to get all my equipment ready then.

I have been a cyclist all my life.

The first bike I had was a fixed gear easy rider that I shared with my brother. I learned how to ride because of that bike... it had training wheels. Looking back, I had a different bike every 8 years, on average.

I'm not into racing. I tried it once though. It was fun riding in such a big group, but training for it is what I do not enjoy.

I'd rather get on my bike with the intention to just ride. Sometimes, I do not have any particular destination to go to. I just ride. Here in New Zealand, I have a lot of scenic rides--coastal roads, parks and reserves... it is such a beautiful country.