Sunday, May 27, 2012

Most hands played in a single one-hour session

pokerstars win rate chart pokertracker 4

I played 1,327 hands in a single one-hour session just a moment ago.

What I did this time was play both zoom tables (4) and regular full ring tables (2NL).

I set the maximum number of regular tables to 18, for a total of 22 tables played. As I understand, the maximum number of tables that I can play on pokerstars is 24. Somehow, when I play more than 22 tables total (zoom plus regular), the poker client gives me an error message saying that I am playing too many tables.

I can email pokerstars support for a workaround, but this is more than enough for me--for now.

Variance is smiling at me these last few days. I think it had something to do with a big decision I made recently.

I was undecided whether I should get the camping tents and bike panniers. They cost about two hundred dollars, and I did not have the cash at that time. I did have a credit card. I really wanted these items from and did not want to settle for "made in china" tents that I can get from the local online auction.

bicycle touring highway

Since I was excited about doing the bicycle tours, I decided to use the credit card, and see if synchronicity will support my decision.

Everything has been working out since.

Again, no expectations. Villain will get lucky some time soon... and I will lose a few stacks now and then. But that's part of doing business. Over time, I have grown to accept this fact.

The only difference this time is that I am now more open to synchronicity.

With the planned bike rides, I may not be able to play as many sessions as I used to. To meet my monthly quota of number of hands played, I may have to play more hands at each sessions. Weekends are going to be days off from playing, as I might have rides planned.

Later today, I have a 60 kilometer ride to downtown Auckland scheduled. It's going to be just me and the bike this time. I am a member of the local bike touring group, but they don't have a long ride scheduled for today.

Next week, they have one, about 80km, but I will decide if I am going to join that before the weekend. They have a three day bike tour coming up. I'd like to join that, but only if the tent gets here on time.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

What keeps me busy these days

pokertracker 4 win rate chart pokerstars

I have been playing poker these last few days, but not as much as intended.

I probably mentioned this in a previous update--I now have a hybrid/touring bike and am up to my neck doing research for the trip to Wellington on December.

It's going to be a 720km road trip. I might have to leave several days ahead of the wife and kids since they are taking the car. We'll meet up in Wellington, then get a ride with them in the van on the trip back.

At the moment, I am looking into buying a 2 person tent. So far, coleman tents stand out from the other brands. I am also looking for a good pannier and front rack.

While checking out different bike touring websites, I found a local bike club that holds weekend tours all over Auckland. There is a $20 annual fee to join the club. Looking at their website, the members are mostly middle-aged.

I sent in my application, and soon as I get my fitness up to a decent level, I will start joining their group rides. They have a tour coming up in several weeks. I'm interested in joining that, but I am not sure if I am going to get all my equipment ready then.

I have been a cyclist all my life.

The first bike I had was a fixed gear easy rider that I shared with my brother. I learned how to ride because of that bike... it had training wheels. Looking back, I had a different bike every 8 years, on average.

I'm not into racing. I tried it once though. It was fun riding in such a big group, but training for it is what I do not enjoy.

I'd rather get on my bike with the intention to just ride. Sometimes, I do not have any particular destination to go to. I just ride. Here in New Zealand, I have a lot of scenic rides--coastal roads, parks and reserves... it is such a beautiful country.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Purge database

updating a database is slow as a turtle

I was curious as to what the purge function was with pokertracker4 and decided to find out. I purged all of the hands in my database—it deleted everything.


Now I have to look for a way to restore the hands I've played. I think I have one backed up from last week. Good thing. Now where did I put that?

With holdemmanager, when you "purge" hands from your database, the stats are still there, but you won't be able to do a hand replay.

Hmmm... makes me think about trying out HM2.

I won't go there right now. It's hell getting a new poker tracking software installed and updating the database. It's going to take at least an hour. I have better things to do.

Like, ride my bike.

I'll look for that PT4 backup. It's sitting on my hard drive somewhere, or maybe uploaded that to my mediafire account. When I go out for my ride, I'll run database restore.

I don't think I can play poker this morning.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

PnL April 2012

pokertracker 4 pokerstars winrate chart april 2012

My bankroll went up as high as $371... I made three player to player transfers to my wife's poker account, for a total of six dollars. No deposits nor withdrawals. No VIP cash bonus this time.

Total hands played: 53,337
Beginning balance: $339.82
Ending balance: $345.92 + $6 (transferred to wife's account)
April PnL: +3.56%