Monday, April 9, 2012

Tableninja vs Pokerstars' built-in hotkeys

Tableninja settings interface
Tableninja settings interface

Pokerstars built-in hotkeys settings interface
Pokerstars built-in hotkeys settings interface

I have used both in the past. I multi-table 24-tables with pokerstars. They gave me permission to play 28 a few weeks back, but I have to open the extra 4 tables manually--which is a big hassle for me (that's a different blog update, so stay tuned for that).

In the past tableninja was simply awesome. Everything that I needed to play multiple tables, they had it. But lately, tableninja has been buggy. When I changed my table theme to that of nova, I was having problems.

First, switching tables became slow... there was a lag in the response as well. A few months back, I started having problems with pot calculations. I'd bet 75% pot, but tableninja will only bet one big blind. It took a few days before tableninja support came up with a fix for this.

Since I couldn't wait for software updates, I had to make an autohotkey script that enabled me to click on pokerstars' bet sliders. As you know, you can set defaults for pokerstars' bet sliders. All that the script needed to do was autoclick on one of the slider buttons.

That got rid of the pot calculation problem for good.

One by one, I was able to substitute almost all of the tableninja functions over to the pokerstars built-in hotkeys in combination with autohotkey scripts.

The only thing that doesn't work as expected for me is the previous table button.

When I am playing 4 zoom tables, it's flawless. I know how many tables back to look for a showdown table. But with 24 tables, it doesn't work the way I think it would.

I tried playing with tableninja every now and then, but I have noticed a lag in the system. I can't tell if it's a tableninja problem, or the pokerstars client. It's definitely a problem with a slow pc. The lag only shows when tableninja is running.

I paid for the combo version of tableninja--pokerstars and full tilt poker. I'd still keep it and use it if it starts to work again. But in the meantime, I am happy with the pokerstars built-in hotkeys and autohotkey combination.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I am also using joy2key. This app lets me use a gamepad instead of controlling the game through the keyboard.

Wanna see how these tools are helping?

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