Monday, April 2, 2012

Pokerstars Zoom + autohotkey script


Pokerstars Zoom tables--You know how there's a second button that you have to click when you failed to click on the "Fold Now" button?

I find that annoying and decided to do something about it using autohotkey. Here's the script...
; --- Click Fold Button ---
Click 564, 647
Sleep 600
Click 564, 647

When I click on the fold button, the script automatically sends another click half a second later. This takes care of that second button and I don't have to do that extra click.

This way, I get dealt fresh hands without having to do an extra click.

Little tweaks like this helps me to play more hands with the least amount of effort. Here is how things are doing for the month of april...

pokertracker 4 winrate chart