Saturday, April 7, 2012

Morning tilt

morning tilt

5am - I have a flu and couldn't sleep well so I decided to play poker.

Within one hour I had two suckouts.

First hand, everyone limps in preflop. I flopped a straight, bet pot, villain on my left called.

Turn - I find a pair on the board, bad news. Villain bets all in. What else can I do? No on raised preflop. I'm thinking why would villain have full house, so I called.

Villain limped in preflop with a pair of four, and showed full house.

Next hand, I had QQ preflop. Someone raised, I call.

Flop, I get my third queen, I bet all in. Aggressor calls with KK.

River he gets his set.

I tilt, and decide to log out.