Thursday, April 19, 2012

Loose aggressive strategy for pokerstars' zoom tables

pokerstars zoom tables

I'm seeing a number of poker websites saying that, to win in pokerstars' zoom tables, you need to play it tight.

The reason they give is that you don't have a good read on how your opponent plays unlike in regular cash games tables.

I have a different opinion.

I have been playing zoom tables since it came out a few weeks ago. Pokertracker 4 shows that I am playing 20/18/2 and winning at a rate of +6bb/100 over more than 50,000 hands.

loose aggressive play on pokerstars zoom

Read 'em like a book
As for getting a read on my opponent, it's not as easy to have them, but it's still possible. As you know, I use pokertracker 4. Their HUD works just as effective on zoom tables as they do on regular cash games tables.

If I have less than 100 hand history with villain on my HUD and they want a big pot and I have a small hand, I take their word for it... I fold.

But if my hand history with them is more than 100, and their HUD stats show that they have been taking a lot of pots without a showdown, I tend to play back at them.

Play smart
I'm not suggesting that you too, should play aggressively as well. Remember--Small hand, small pot. Big hand, big pot. But try to balance this by investing in your meta-game. Make them think that you play like a loose-goose every now and then. When you do find yourself with the nuts, they will call to river with their stack, thinking that you don't.

In short, play loose aggressive in these zoom tables, as you would in regular tables. Just make sure that you use pokertracker 4 to get a read on your opponents.

My observation so far is that there's more fish playing zoom tables than in regular tables. Some of these do not have poker tracking software. That's one clear advantage for you, and this can help improve your win-rate.