Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Auckland Sky City Casino

auckland sky city casino

I found myself in a casino last night... the Auckland sky city casino.

I liked it in there so much that I decided that I am going to start building up my bankroll so I can move part of my poker sessions there.

There so many people. Lots of beautiful women. It was lite there was a lot of interesting stories going on at the same time. I can see myself sitting in there for hours just watching all those people milling around.

I think we are going to have to move house and live in the city just so I am a short distance away from that. But that is going to be a different story.

We're going back to the sky city tonight. My wife has an old classmate in town and he's staying in that hotel. That was the reason why we went to visit the casino last night. We were about to say goodbye and the idea popped up that we should go in and take a look since we were already there.

I have only been to a casino once. That was more than ten years ago. My friend brought me along since we were both curious. I found myself playing black jack, and when the session was over, I lost a hundred bucks. I never got the chance to go in a casino until last night.