Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Training a new player

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After spending weeks in limbo, we finally have breakout. From my observation, those times where the bulls are on my side, my win-rate chart slope upwards when I stop playing marginal hands.

Marginal hands for me are TPTK vs a villain who wants a big pot. The best way to win long term is to fold, then wait for a better spot.

New student
Someone just asked me to coach her game--my wife. She decided a week ago that she too, wants to play poker.

I installed wine on the other linux PC, installed the pokerstars client in there. The only thing that's missing is pokertracker. I think it's possible to install pt4 in wine (I'll have to check), but there's not enough memory on that PC to handle all those files.

She got bullish on poker when I let her play a session, and she almost doubled her bankroll. Last night, she was cheerful about it when she logged in. At the end of the day, she lost 3/4 of her bankroll--giving back everything that she's won, and then some.

She said she's going to take a break from playing poker tonight.

I might fire up pt4 for hand analysis and show her how to learn from that. From what I've seen so far, she plays call station. I explained to her that it's best to get the bankroll bonus from pokerstrategy, but she wouldn't listen. Her eyes glaze over trying to understand all those terms. Soon as she found the starting hands guide, she started playing cash games.