Wednesday, March 28, 2012

QQ donked on the flop

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...Taken from 2p2 Microstakes Full Ring Tables thread.

I am assuming that it is just you and the villain playing on this hand, everyone else folded.

Since you do not have hand history on villain, I suspect that villain wants to see how you will react to a donk bet. On the flop, it's a relatively small price to pay. If you fold to the donk, then that goes into their notes as to how you might possibly react.

It is possible that villain will have at least one pair to donk on you like this. Since you were the aggressor preflop, I will suspect that one of those cards can give you a strong hand. The only reason I will donk on you is that I have a better hand than you have.

...or I know that you will almost always fold on a flop donk bet.

A 70% of the pot donk bet will scare off weaker hands, and will entice stronger hands to reraise.

My move--I fold.

I'd rather gather more evidence as to how villain plays, at least 100 hands on my pokertracker. Making a decision with my stack based on less than a hundred hands is, in my books, gambling.