Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pokerstars ZOOM

You've probably played in it by now, haven't you?

What do you think?

Me? I love it! It's not exactly the same as Rush poker, but it'll do.

There seems to be a bug in there. When I don't click on the quick fold button (or whatever it's called), and let's say I played a hand to see the flop... on the turn, when I decide to fold, the software doesn't get me a new table. I have to wait until the other players are finished, and then I am moved to a new table.

For me to play more hands, I'd have to open four zoom tables. I don't know if that is a functional issue with zoom, or a bug. In the pokerstars website, it says there that when I fold, I should get new hands automatically. It doesn't happen that way.

And because of zoom, I switched back to using pokertracker3. Holdemmanager doesn't have support for zoom on HM1. Bummer. They want me to upgrade. Pokertracker3, on the other hand, already has a beta update for zoom.

I spent an hour updating my database for pt3. Next for me is to check the stats and the hud to see if they are according to specs. I'll play one regular table to see how the hud looks like.

In the meantime, here's how things have been doing this month to-date: