Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pokerstars' zoom tables: pokertracker 4 or holdemmanager 2

I got this email from the people at holdemmanager, telling me about their new support for pokerstars' zoom tables...

Download HM2 or OM2 now for full Zoom Poker support. This includes support for the Zoom HUD, Filters and Reports.

Zoom is fast. It's for people who don't like to wait. If you're finished playing a hand and don't want to wait around to see how it turns out for your opponents, the Fast Fold button will move you on to a different hand. Some estimates say you can increase your hands-per-hour by 400%." - Poker Stars Blog

Micro-stake limits were launched in Beta release by Poker Stars a couple of weeks ago and higher Zoom Poker limits are expected at any time.

We are working to complete a similar update for HM1 but, if you have not upgraded yet, you can download a free 30 day trial of HM2 or OM2 to immediately play Zoom Poker with Hold'em Manager.

If your HM2 trial has expired, email with a subject line of "30 More Days" and we will be happy to extend to you an additional 30 day HM2 trial. Be sure to include your account email address.


Hold'em Manager Team

I enjoy playing in the new zoom tables. Who doesn't? Pokerstars added a new function in today's client update - the "New Table" button.

This button makes sure that you are dealt a new hand if you do not want to find out how things turn out for the other players.

I play poker three hours everyday. From the day I found out that the zoom tables were opened to the public, pokertracker 4 already had support.

Since I had a pokertracker 3 which was freely upgradeable to pokertracker 4, why should I wait for HM1 support for zoom?

I have been using pokertracker 4 for some time now. I am quite happy with it. The user interface is a bit different from what I have gotten used to with holdemmanager, but I am getting used to it.

Even if holdemmanager is offering a free demo for HM2, I don't think I am going to make the shift. I already have so many hands in the pt4 database that it is going to take time away from playing just to update the holdemmanager databse.

Besides, I heard that hm2 still has a few bugs in it. I've seen a number of players who have decided to make the switch from HM to PT4.

I think the people at holdemmanager are mishandling this marketing situation. This is going to cost them dearly.