Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Is this a good way to bluff your opponent?

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"...Villian is 15/12, 35 ats, 93 f3b, 60 fcb"

Your cbet was weak, and it fails to confirm your 3bet story. You should have bet at least 70% of pot.

Seeing that villain folds almost all when faced with a 3bet, I would think he/she will have strong pairs. Calling your cbet confirmed this.

The turn is always decisive. Why bet half pot? What story were you trying to tell? If you want to scare villain to fold, bet as if you really had big hands--70% of pot. A half pot bet only tells the story that you are not really sure whether you are ahead or behind.

Small hand, small pot. With the hands you have, check/fold is a good decision on the turn.

But wait--there's more!

Villain still called your turn bet. What does that tell you?

Either you have been over-3betting villain for quite some time now and wants to get back, or villain really has something to showdown.

I don't get why you still had to throw money on the river. What's the point? Villain has called everything that you threw at him/her... and still you did not bet enough to confirm your story. If you are scared to make a big bet because you have nothing, then don't bet at all.

I am surprised that villain reraised you all in on the river. He/She must have had AK all along. I don't think villain slow played AA from the start.

How would I have played this differently?

First, even if villain folded to 3bet 100%, I wouldn't 3bet with those hands the way you did. This is why I consider my method low variance. The most that I'd 3bet with is 6-7 offsuit, and in position.

Flop, standard cbet, 70% of pot. If villain calls that, I know villain will have at least one pair.

Turn, I check to see what villain will do. If villain bets half pot, that confirms he/she has at least one pair and wants to showdown. If I had a bigger hand 2pair or higher, I'll check-raise, 70% of the pot. If I had TPTK, I'd call. With nothing, I'd fold.

River, if villain checked on the turn with me, I'll check on the river because I have nothing. Even if villain were to bet one big blind, I'd still fold. I don't want everyone to see how I played with air.