Sunday, February 19, 2012

Variance, Staking And Winning Long Term

I am going through variance--again. This is not the best feeling to have playing poker. Nothing I can do here but tighten up and start playing with Murphy's Law.

Long term, I'm still up. It's just frustrating having to go through this. If things happen for a reason, what's the lesson here for me?

I've been through worse. I once went through a month of poker and had nothing to show for it. I think the lesson here for me is that, even if I had to go through a losing streak, I'd still learn something and improve my game.

Surely there were hands were I could have avoided losing a big stack. But that stack was used to learn something about how this particular reg plays. Maybe next time I go showdown with him/her, I will be a better player.

This is part of the game. Everyone goes through a losing streak. What differentiates the long term winners from the crowd is how they deal with such circumstances.

One more thing.

I mentioned in an earlier post that a friend of mine wanted to stake my cash games on the condition that we split profits.

In that earlier post, I mentioned that I wasn't eager about it, and that if we were to go through with the deal, that she consider that money lost and will never see again.

She said yes to that condition, and she even offered 70/30 sharing. I get 70 percent, she gets 30 percent. She reasoned that this is far better than the return she'd get from banks or any of her other investments (for that same amount).

Who wouldn't resist such an offer? We shook hands on it. She'll give me the money next week.

In the meantime, I shifted back play down to 2NL. Soon as her funds clear to my account, I'll move back up to 5NL.