Thursday, February 9, 2012

50 percent average profit each month: Possible?

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While playing poker, I get a lot of ideas on what to write about for this blog. But by the time I finish the session and fire up this blog, I don't know what to write about. I get that all the time.

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50 percent ROI
I couldn't stop playing to write the ideas down. I am playing 24-tables and when I stop, I lose track of everything. This is why I wasn't able to update this blog for a few days.

Here's one idea that I just remembered--Is it possible to consistently make a 50 percent profit on my bankroll each month at pokerstars?

If that were so, then that is enough to cover the monthly installment for a car here in Auckland. Better yet, that's enough to cover the monthly orthodontic expense for my kids.

Do the math
Looking back to the last two years of play, it looks possible. But I am playing in the micro stakes. I haven't gone higher than this level--yet. But if human nature is the same, and considering that I too, am going to improve as I move up, I think there's an opportunity there.

A full bankroll for 25NL at pokerstars is $1500 (0.25 x 250bb x 24 tables). If I make 50 percent profit each month, I get US$750.

I've probably written about this some time ago in this blog. I will look it up. But at this time, it looks promising. I am going to test this.

Home-based business
That, and I was also busy with my copywriting business. I am running two online businesses, plus another one in its infancy stage. I'm a one man team--maybe I should get a virtual assistant and get myself more organized.

One more thing that I am considering--writing a book on how to beat the microstakes, then selling it as a kindle book on amazon.

I have the outline in my head. I just need to take a break from work one of these days and start writing. I think I should put a deadline on this.

Thanks for stopping by!