Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stop doing this one thing and watch your win-rate go up

win rate poker

The last few days has been one bumpy ride. I paid tuition on the tables to learn (again) an important lesson in low variance winning poker--stop using the CALL button.

Here's the secret

In those spots where you have marginal hands and villain wants a big pot, just fold. Don't hope to get your card in the river. There is always next time.

I have also switched back to holdemmanager in the meantime. I am still trying to figure out how to make the stacks in bb stat to show up in my HUD. I am up to my neck with my other business (copywriting) and I can't find time to make that tweak on pt3.

Soon as my bankroll hits $200, I move up to 5NL. If in that one session at 5NL my bankroll dips below $200, I go back to 2NL.

Boycott pokerstars?

About that recent call from the 2p2 community to sit-out games in pokerstars--it must have fizzled out. I opened the tables on that day and the number of players total were almost the same.

On the 22 tables that I had open, I think I saw one or two players sitting out. No mass boycotts. It's probably because I am playing microstakes, and at these levels, most of the players are noobs and doesn't care much about the rake.

Break-even play

IMO, all things happen for a reason. I am an aggressive player, seeing plenty of pots when I play a session. It's not going to affect me as much as the TAGS and rocks on the tables. I still see a lot of them in uNL though.

What concerns me is how soon can I reach the VIP cash bonus. That bonus is my break-even insurance. As long as I get that bonus at the end of the month, I can afford suck-outs.