Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How I play vs short stacks

short stack poker

Being too lazy to figure out how to set the stat "Stacks in bb" in pokertracker3, I decided to use holdemmanager for this morning's session. HM has this stat by default. In PT3, I have to download that file then tweak that to my liking.

Morning session

After an hour of configuring my hud, I spent the rest of the session closing and reopening tables on pokerstars. You see, I leave a table when there are more than 3 players that are playing below 100bb.

I define Short stackers as anyone playing with less than 100bb and doesn't top up above that level. While some of these are donkeys learning how to play, I tend to call them down with marginal hands thinking their bet is small anyway.

Minimum allowed

I literally spent the rest of the session just closing tables (the pokerstars client opens up new ones automatically). Soon as the HUD kicks in and I see three short stacks, I close.

I don't think it was like this three months ago before I stopped playing. All I can remember is that was how I played short stacks--get up and leave. I don't think it had something to do with the time of day. Mornings in NZ is prime time poker in the rest of the world.

I am taking a break now, get on with my other business for now. I will play again in about two or three hours.