Friday, December 30, 2011

Why not feature winning grinders?

If I had a poker site, here's how I am going to get players--GRINDERS

Most of the poker sites will feature the best, brightest, richest and most attractive players from all over the world. It's nice and good to have someone to look up to like that, but that's the 1%.

I can't relate to them, can you?

The 99 percent are people like you and me--average Joe's and Jane's grinding in front of their computers every day. To these people, everyone can relate to. If we see that average people like us can make a good living playing poker, we will be motivated to grind it out ourselves.


Why not feature those who are making a decent living playing poker online?

I am curious. How can a father of four can have the motivation to play poker for hours each day and not lose his head? How can an average college student find time to improve her game? Is it really possible to make a living out of this? What will my in-laws say?

Almost every commercial poker website will feature the top 1% of online poker. Seldom will you read about the winning grinders. Unless you know where to look, it's hard to find information about these people.

Featured players

My ideal poker site will feature one grinder each week. We will have video interviews, blogs, hand analysis, coaching and everything else that readers want. Featured grinders do not have to have spectacular win-rates. A mere 2bb/100 over 500k hands is a good filter, isn't it?

On second thought, I think there already is something like this over at 2p2. It's called The Well:(Player Neame). Here's how it works. 2p2 starts a new thread for featured player and every member in that community can ask questions.

I follow these threads every time there is a new one. There is plenty to learn each time even if I do not ask questions myself.

Worthwhile reading

Want to see how they read like? Here is the latest that I can find from 2p2--Click Here.

Here's another one. It's a subsection of 2p2 called Poker Goals and Challenges. It's like a blog where players start their own thread with a particular goal or challenge in mind. They update their own threads on a regular basis.

Everyone in the community can chime in and make comments, ask questions and give suggestions. The thread author is not obligated to respond to any of them, but the more popular threads have a lot of conversations going on in them.

Consistent grinders

I used to have a thread in there called "Now Open". It's that same username that I use on Pokerstars. It's probably buried under all the new threads as I have not updated mine for some time now.

I prefer to read about Poker Goals and Challenges. Like I mentioned earlier, these threads are about people like you and me who are starting from the bottom and are making their way up.

These grinders are not superstars. Hardly anyone knows them outside of 2p2. The time and effort that they put into their poker business is noteworthy. They too, deserves to be called professional athletes.

Go through each one of them and, using the comment box below, tell us which thread you liked most and want to share with us.