Thursday, December 22, 2011

Two Pairs on Turn, Now What?

Hand Analysis

Not a lot of hand history with villain who has position (CO) over hero. Villain has been limping in with almost half the hands dealt.

Two pairs is OK, but they are not the best hands given the situation. Villain could have anything at this point. From experience, fish at this level will most likely donk you on the turn with at least top pair. I'd check on the turn and see what villain will do.

The question in my head at this time is, which hands did villain shove all in? When villain donks pot on the turn, what hands does he/she have?

Two pairs can win on the showdown. If villain donks with less than pot on the turn and river, I will call his/her bet. If villain decides to bet pot all the way, or worse shoves all-in, I'd be concerned that he/she has a bigger hand than my two pairs. If so, I will fold.

There will always be next time.

Poker Tracker

Later in the day, I will fire up poker tracker and review hand history with this villain. I will scan through all his winning and losing hands, looking for patterns.

When I find a discernible pattern, I make a note of that which will show up in my HUD. Next time I come across this villain, I can check the notes that I have with them and see if his/her actions will confirm my notes.

Doing hand history review on poker tracker is a good habit to develop if you want to stay in this business for a long time. It helps you to put meaning on how villain behaves in a given circumstance. Once a week is the bare minimum if you wish to improve.