Monday, December 26, 2011

Ten days of play, up 71%

I decided to come back and play online poker with pokerstars about ten days ago, on December 16, 2011. I funded my account with $100 the following day, if I remember correctly.

win rate chart monday

Bull run?

In the next ten days, as you can see from the chart above, my game has been running good. Steady uptrend with very little downswings. If my game was a stock and this chart represented the stock's price chart, my game would be classified as a high growth stock.

Shopping spree

It's less than 50k, so I can't discount the effect of variance at this time. Variance, in layman's term is akin to luck. Having played less than 50k hands, I probably have been lucky all this time. Even so, I am thankful.

After the evening session, I went to Pokerstars' VIP store with 6k points to spend. I got a jumper, a shirt, belt, and I think I also got a bull cap. Expecting delivery in two to four weeks.