Saturday, December 17, 2011

PokerTracker 4

I am seriously considering getting pokertracker4 this time. I googled reviews for holdem manager 2 and found a neggie. I haven't seen any complaints as yet for pt4.


For me to upgrade to the micro stakes version of HM2 is going to cost the same amount if I purchased a license for micro stakes version of PT3 (free upgrade to PT4).

PT4 is now on beta, and what attracts me to it is the vector HUD. Like vector graphics, vector HUDs scale up or down automatically as I change the size of the table. THAT is convenient.

There are also a few eye-candy graphs included in the package... Yes, I think I'm sold to pT4. I'll get the 60-day trial download and see how it works.

Source - PokerTracker